Undignified - your thoughts?

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  1. sKybLue

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    2 Sam 6:22 "I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes."

    King David leaped and danced before the Lord, hence the undignification. in what areas of your life and in what specific ways would you strife to become undignified before God? please do share with us..

    "And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD, she despised him in her heart."
    :23 "And Michal daughter of Saul had no children to the day of her death."

    this is one of the reasons that we are sometimes "barren" and unfruitful, even in our spiritual life. because of the judgment we pass on those who seek to please the Lord and not men.

    your thoughts appreciated..
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  2. joy-girl

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    Wow, lets hope some people read and post here, 'cause this is a good topic Ivie!

    Undignified... it would seem as if King David has lost his reason for a period of time. After all, he was a King! He had been given responsibility as a King... it was his duty to be a "rock and stronghold" for the people. Some one for them to look up to and respect, and yet what was he doing here?

    I'm going to steal the words of Matt Redman on this subject; because he expresses my thoughts on it so much better than I can. All quotes are taken from the book "The Unquenchable Worshipper" for Chapter 3 "The Undignified Worshipper"

    "He (King David) wasn't just one of the crowd at this event, he was the King. Here was a man of great stature, with a public image to protect; a man trusted with more power, authority and wealth than we could even imagine. Yet he led the way , "losing himself" so publicly in his worship of God and so on fire with praise that it burned right throughany inhibitions or pride. true worship always forgets itself."

    One of the Hebrew words for praise, hallal, means to be clamorously foolish or mad before the Lord. (Thats were we get our word "hallelujah"). In "reasons to be passionate" competition, the church should come an easy first; yet too often we find ourselves lagging way behind in this area. Isn't it time we saw a bit more "holy mayhem" in our worship?"

    "I'm convinced we're meant to have a bit more of that foolish streak in us-an intense, almost over-the-top edge to ourlives and offerings. I've been a Christian for most of my life, and as I grow older, one of the things I'm most scared of losing is that edge. Life rolls on and we find ourselves with more pressures, responsibilities, and distractions. But the key is to somehow keep a vibrant heart abandoned to God."

    "Thats what King Davids frenzied dancing was all about. It wasn't show, nor was it just adrenaline or hype. It was an overflow of the abundance of love for God in his heart."

    I'll be back later. i can tell already that this topic is going to be patronized by me :wink:

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  3. Queen Esther

    Queen Esther Prophet/Prophetess

    Michal didn't have a love for the Lord like David had nor did she understand it. She found his dancing Naked in the streets (something Ivie forgot to mention) horrible and perhaps even prideful. She despised the Lord in her heart for what David was doing. If you know a back story of David and Michal you would have an idea why she felt that way.
    For slaying Goliath, Saul was going to give David a daughter. David wanted Michal's older sister. He instead got Michal. Michal on 2 different occasions saved Davids life from her Father, but he never cherished her as a wife. Just think, the jealousy building up in her. David is aquiring more wives and Michal is continuing to be put on the back burner. Wouldn't you also be a bit angry at God for letting things go on like this?
    People let bitterness build up in them, and it continues to build. I think that it was a hatred towards God and what David was doing for God is what actually made Michal a barren woman.
    Just a thought though, I understand where Michal was coming from, but I don't condone it.

    BTW, I was almost named Michal, but my mother knew the back story so she decided to name me Esther instead.
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  4. gotvision

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    just curious...which bible does it say he danced naked??
  5. Keen

    Keen New Member

    Probably the NIV. They add something like 3000 words and take away some 6000 from the actual greek and hebrew. Wouldn't be surprised. You'll find it all, contradictions, catholic dogmas, anti-trinitarianism, undermination of Christ's deity, humanism, "hard" verses explained in "easy talk", etc. etc. the list goes on and on.
  6. onfire4christ

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    I need to become more undignified in a lot of areas.
    And the Holy Spirit has been revealing this to me in the past couple days.
    I can just hear Him saying that I am trying too hard.
    I try too hard. It is so true.
    To say the right things, act the right way, be the right person especially in a place of ministry and not only is it stifling the Holy Spirit but it is like stepping in and putting a cememnt block in a river current..and there is a desperate cry of my heart, that wants Him more than anything.
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  7. gotvision

    gotvision Soldier Fighting 4 JC

    i need to become more undignified in my speech sometimes....because sometimes im too afraid of what people will think or say when i say something..u know what i mean???:redface:
  8. by_grace_alone

    by_grace_alone New Member


    I think this is one area of my faith where I am particularly weak. Sometimes, when people get really caught up in worship and start acting crazy, I feel embarassed for them. I realize that I am the one who should be ashamed, because I am judging children of God.

    I love the Lord, but I am not a particularly flamboyant person, and I struggle to empathize with people who are. I think this thread will be helpful to me in learning to be more "undignified"
  9. Queen Esther

    Queen Esther Prophet/Prophetess

    Nope; KJV, and other versions I've put down.

    2 Samuel 6:

    KJV (with context)
    This is what NIV says
    The Message:
    I hope I've provided enough versions...if you want another one I can put others up.
  10. Keen

    Keen New Member

    Yeah thanks. Cool to see that that verse didn't apply.
  11. Queen Esther

    Queen Esther Prophet/Prophetess

    I was thinking of Michal when her thoughts were undignified towards David. I was correct about Ivies Bottom verses though. So it does apply. If it doesn't, please let me know why and not just telling me "it doesn't apply"
  12. Keen

    Keen New Member

    Didn't apply to the Real/Niv&every other translation differences, is what I was referring to.
  13. Queen Esther

    Queen Esther Prophet/Prophetess

    Oh ok lol, I was just showing that the versions were in agree-ance and for those who may not have "gotten" that David really was Naked. :) Thanks for clarifying! :D
  14. gotvision

    gotvision Soldier Fighting 4 JC

    my bible sez...NLT VERSION...."And David danced before the Lord with all his might, wearing a preistly tunic..." hmm i dont think that when Michal said that David epxposed himself she was referring to nakedness... .just a thought...:cool:
  15. Queen Esther

    Queen Esther Prophet/Prophetess

    Perhaps, I researched this word and it said the original meaning is usually used for there only being undergarments showing but that it can mean nakedness. Either way, he wasn't dressed the most apropiate way. His motives were correct, but I understand where Michal was coming from. She didn't know the ways of God, she only knew what a horrible life she had. Bitterness ate at her soul.
  16. jcdesertvoice

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    I need to become more undignified in my witnessing, worship and other areas.

    Many "religious" Christians turn up their noses and frown when they see a young person breaking out of the normalcy mold and becoming what they would consider undignified. But did you notice a strong point in the first verse Ivie put that David said he would become undignified in his own site Just because it seems undignified and even flat out wrong to a man does not mean it is wrong in the eyes of God. Many people look past this point in this scripture and what happened with David. I want to live an undignified life in Christ! I have a long way to go through.
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  17. sKybLue

    sKybLue His Masterpiece..

    that spoke a lot to me. i've become too "timid", even when serving God in church. i am currently helping out in the worship and teaching department in the children church, and sometimes even to voice out an opinion, or to do something out of ordinary, i'd think twice or thrice bout it. i'd just brush that thought off, even when i'm totally convinced that God has planted that idea or action in my mind, for me to voice it out. i feel so ashamed that i've seeked the praise and acceptance of men, more than the approval of God.

    being undignified would also mean being "different", esp when i have to make a stand against peers at college. during countdown on new year's eve, my friend offered me a cigeratte, and asked whether i'd like to share a "drink" with her. caught up in the moment, i almost fell for it, and thank God i didn't. i guess my friends would always have different principles, but i'd really like to stick with God's principles. and like Sarah said, i have a long way to go.

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