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    The same Tashi that I wrote about for Valentine's Day is having some deep personal issues. She feels very unloved right now and is basically in a rage mode. She would never actually commit suicide but she feels like ending it all would be easier at this point. She is not a Christian... she's still searching but she doesn't know what for.
    What she really needs right now is to feel loved so I am asking if everyone can keep her on their minds and just say a quick prayer asking God to show Tashi how much she is loved not just by him but by everyone she knows. She feels very isolated right now and as her friend I am trying to show her how much she is loved but it's too big a job for me alone :frown:
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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Reading Thereasa's post I am reminded of a time when I met with a group of girls (both Christian and non-Christian) and we discussed what our greatest needs were. Words were thrown around the room: the need to feel successful, the need to feel valued, the need to feel respected and so forth. But there was only one need which these girls recognised as their biggest need of all. The only need which every single girl had written down in their top 3. And that need was the need to feel loved.

    Lord, you have created us in your likeness and you have moulded within each of us a deep need for love. And so I want to lift up to you Theresa's friend Tashi right now as she struggles with day-to-day life. Lord, I don't know where she is right now but whether awake or asleep, I pray that you will be working in her life, that you will softening her heart and opening her eyes to all those people around her who love her dearly, may you give her the courage to love herself -- and especially may she be receptive to experiencing your deep love for her for the very first time. May she come to know you and rest in your arms.

    Father God, please help Tashi to know that she is not alone in her longing for love. Lord, it can be hard to feel loved sometimes in this world when we watch the happiness of others and see only our flaws. We can feel isolated, especially when days like the 14th Februaray (aka: "Singleness Awareness Day" (!)) turn by on our calanders, especaily as we feel separated from our families and we wonder if our friends really do care. Lord, please help Tashi in whatever it is that she needs right now Father. May her personal issues resolve smoothly and at this moment of despiration, may she consider turning to you for the first time. Help her to know that her life is worth fighting for and give her the courage to seek help.

    And I pray for Theresa as she supports Tashi -- help her to know when to speak and when to stay silent. Help her to know best the ways she can show Tashi that she is loved and that she can support Tashi through the tough times. Help her to remember that it is not up to her to "save" her friend -- but that you are soverign, no matter what. Thank you that we can love because you first loved us. Amen.

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