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Discussion in 'Biblical Hermeneutics' started by xxashleyxx, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. xxashleyxx

    xxashleyxx New Member

    When does the "rapture" happen? I'm not talking about a specific date, but in general. Do we go through the Tribulation, or does it happen before?
  2. LauraNicole

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    Welll, the rapture isn't in the bible, and nobody gave it any serious thought until the 1800's, when it took off as an idea in America. I don't really believe it'll go down like all the rapture movies say it will.
  3. justified

    justified Prophet/Prophetess

    Yes, the concept that the rapture will occur before the Tribulation is a very recent concept circa 1800's. Historically, the church has affirmed the idea that the Rapture will occur since the early church as it appears to be a Biblical concept. However, when it occurs in the Eschatological timeline is not as clear Biblically. I think the strongest argument Biblically for when it occurs would be after the Tribulation.

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