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Discussion in 'Relationships Repository' started by kychristian55, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. kychristian55

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    Okay, so I'm 16 years old and I have been a Christian for about 10 years. I feel like the Lord has given a desire to help people ... but I don't know how I can do that. I live in a semi-small town and there aren't many youth groups or volunteer groups around that I can join. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can make a difference without having to leave my home town to do so. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you and God bless.
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    Hi, welcome to AY!

    I see that there are rarely any youth groups in your hometown, maybe you could consider starting your own? Would you say that you are reliable, and always taking the initiative? (This kind of sounds like a job search/interview) But it probably won't feel like much of a job if you find enough people who are willing to stay committed and cooperative. That way, everyone will be doing their part and working together as a team. Also, besides having the desire to help others, what other 'skills' do you possess? If you take the route of the initiative, you can brainstorm all sorts of ideas and activities for your Christian youth group.

    I just really like the 'starting-your-own-youth group' idea; say you decide to do something like this, it's probably best not to limit this group to just saved Christians, but open the doors to anyone who has a desire to be a part of the cause, which is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, encouraging one another in these perilous times.

    I hope this was helpful to you in any way.
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    Are there really no youth groups there? I'm sure schools have that and I think you can volunteer there to help. If not, I like the idea of armourbearer, you can start your own group. As long as you can be reliable to go about it. You can start small by meeting once a week and to just talk. Then after that, maybe going on youth camps after a few months. This helps with the bonding of the group and maybe this will show leaderships among all of you. Whatever you decide, I'm sure the urge to help others is enough of an achievement for any teen already. :) Keep up the good work. :icon_thum
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    Thank-you so much for the advice. I do have an update about the situation, though. Two weeks ago on Sunday morning after Sunday School at the church I go to, I got together with the rest of the teenage class and we started practicing interpretive dance (we're learning sign language to gospel songs). We've talked to the pastor and got everything worked out so that we can perform at the church as part of the Vacation Bible School and possibly part of the Easter programs. I have also found and joined a group called Kidz of the Lord (we also do interpretive dance and some Christian drama, and we perform at churches and festivals). I am just so glad to feel like I have an opportunity to make a difference. Again, thank-you for the reply and God bless.

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